DX1 ...now with Lying surface 3-sectioned

The based technology of the table Serial DX1 is our wide experience with scissor-(x)-lift construction.
Our concept: A Treatment table with high and well known Dewert-quality to fulfil the segment beneath our “Serial 2000”; with established and proven technology but elementary designed.
The combination of many individual factors of the well known series 2000 result in the basement for DX1:

  • The tested and special guide bearings take lateral and vertical forces without cushioning effect.
  • The robust and proven electric motor or hydraulic pump ensure a safe and reliable height adjustment.
  • The proven and well known upholstery construction: - Upholstery base: Laminated wood
  • High quality, unmixed foam - 2 excellent leatherette collections with Skai ® Pandoria Plus and Stamskin® Top

are best requirements for use of tables series DX1 in daily medical practice.

225 kg = max. weight of patient
(According to IEC 60601 tested with fourfold static load)

1) Upholstery base: Multiple glued, high-strength laminated wood panel (no particle board = danger of breaking if high pressure is burdened on the edges

2) With integrated opening for nose and cushion to close.

3) New: Optimal cleaning and disinfecting because of Dewert-hygiene-equipment:

  • Cover of the hinges made of the same color leatherette
  • Underside of head part covered with color identical leatherette

4) Upholstery parts joint together by solid steel hinge

5) Abrasion resistant guide system at under and upper frame because of use of roller bearings

6) 4 m length of the power cable, no transformer part necessary

7) Including safety box with 1 magnetic key to protect against unauthorized usage (acc. EN 60601)

8)  Electric motorized height adjustment controlled by 1 foot switch alternative hand switch

9) High stability due to massive 20 mm axes and multiple bearings in an igus® bushing

10) The padding is made of 2 different foam types. Both are pure foam in volume weight of 42 and 75. Each layer comprises a homogeneous, closed cellular structure with evenly distributed volume weight. This results in a solid, long life padding

11) Adjustable foot part with tubular steel frame for high torsion rigidity

12) Foot part usable as back rest for reversible positioning of patient

13)  The pneumatic spring is pressure stable and ensures working at the foot part nearly without vibrations

14) Very stable single frame scissors lifting system, with high torsional stiffness by using thick-walled square tubes with big dimensions also for under and upper frame and scissors

15) If option Mod. 046 is selected: (= Movable on castors with central lock)
For user-friendly operation of the central lock system 4 operating levers are placed at the underpart, one at each foot.

Picture with special equipment
Movable on double-wheeled castors, 100 mm Ø with central lock.
1 castor with direction lock (Mod. 046)

(Basic equipment: The table is fixed (not mobile) with leveling feet to compensate uneven floors)

Upholstery covering:  
Please choose  - without additional price  - between 2 different variants of leatherettes:

  • Skai®Pandoria Plus, with a velvety smooth surface (20 colors)
  • Stamskin®Top, with a grained surface (34 colors)

Colour configuration


... also with hydraulic height adjustment

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