If it still looks new after years of intensive use, it's staynu


The new Material



is an innovation in artificial leather which celebrated its debut in september 2020.

This revolutionary technology makes the upholstery fabrics particularly dirt-resistant and hard-wearing.
Thanks to the staynu technology, skai® Toronto EN is also particularly tear-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant. Stubborn stains can be removed without leaving a mark if treated with isopropanol (70% alcohol content).

So, unhygienic and unsightly upholstery surfaces caused by non-removable are a thing of the past. Even stubborn stains of blood, sweat, body fat, urine, iodine/betaisodona, ballpoint pen, permanent marker, lipstick, shoe polish/leather colour and jeans stains can be removed easily from the upholstery cover even after many hours. This is not possible with any other upholstery cover material!

Toronto EN with staynu is available in 17 current colours. Please contact us.

The material is available and in the introductory phase it will be without extra charge!

Debut of the year 2020 of synthetic leather:

Staynu is the new, invisible, pleasant-to-the-touch, soft protective coating for your artificial leather.The revolutionary staynu technology keeps your treatment table´s visual appearance in top form for a long time – no matter what happens.


Skai® Toronto EN with innovative staynu-technology provides outstanding material properties:

  • Very easy to clean:
    Stubborn stains can be removed without leaving a mark if treated with isopropanol (70% alcohol content)!
    Problems concerning stains from blood, urine, pens, body fat, iodine … belong to the past due to the material’s resistance!

  • Excellent dirt resistance

  • Resistant to oil and fat

  • Disinfectant resistant

  • Resistant to sudor, blood and urine

  • Tear and scratch resistant

  • Abrasion resistant DIN EN ISO 5470-2: > 300,000 Martindale inverse

  • Lightfast (level 6)

  • Flame-retardant in acc. to DIN EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS-0+1, IMO FTPC P8, MVSS 302

  • Latex-free

  • Phthalate-free

  • Vegan

  • Sustainable

  • Available in 17 colours

Interested in skai® Toronto with innovative staynu-technology?

An added value for your treatment table:

  •  Upholstery fabrics are particularly dirt-resistant and hard-wearing

  • Innovative cleaning possibilities:
    Thanks to the special resistant surface finish from staynu technology, regular maintenance of heavily frequented surfaces is easier than ever.

  • A special coating:
    A special coating seals the surface thus dirt particles rarely stick to it or – if they do – cannot penetrate deep into the coating.

  • Dirt resistance:
    In contrast to conventional coverings cleaning of stains without leaving any marks is possible, e.g.:

         o    Permanent markers, ballpoint pens, gel pens

         o    Blood, Urine, Body fats

         o    Iodine, Betaisodona®

         o    Cosmetics such as lipstick, makeup

         o    Dye that comes off jeans and even shoe cream


  • Cleaning made easy:
    We recommend regular cleaning with mild soap and a microfiber cloth.

    Stubborn stains can be removed without leaving a mark if treated with isopropanol (70% alcohol content). You do not need to treat the surface with special care products; it is essential to avoid scouring or bleaching agents.

  • Desinfection:
    Skai® Toronto EN is suitable for desinfectants including alcohol.
    Contact us for detailed information.

  • Extremely long service life, cost-effective and ecological:
    As the surface is so easy to clean thanks to staynu technology, there is less wear on the fabric during cleaning. This significantly extends the service life and improves cost-effectiveness.

  • Responsible manufacturing process and environmentally friendly materials:
    Disinfecting agents also do not harm the surface. Production and surface finishing take place in Germany on machines specially developed for this purpose.

    During production, processes aim to be as sustainable as possible:
    • Use of an alternative, phthalate-free plasticizer
    • Solvent-free, low-emission finishing
    • Energy-efficient production - Systematic waste prevention
    • Durability of the fabric

Download the colour card here.